Pokemon Pornography Story: Dawn’s Promiscuous Adventure Ch.Five

Pokemon Pornography Story: Dawn’s Promiscuous Adventure Ch.Five

–Part 5—

“Are you Roark?” she asked. A young man, probably in his 20s, pounded angrily at the stone walls around him with a pickax, seeming more concerned with hurting the wall than retrieving the valuables inside it.

He ignored her, continuing the wail on the mine walls.

“Excuse me, I’d like to challenge you to a battle.”

He swung at the rock, the ‘plink’ echoing through the mine shaft at the word ‘battle’. He stopped moving, breathing heavily before turning around. “You want to battle?”

“Yes. I’d like to challenge your gym for your badge.”

“I wish I could help you, kid. But I’m not going back to that place. Too many bad memories.”

“What happened?”

“Why should I tell you? You’re a total stranger.”

“I’m also challenging you for a battle, a request that you can’t decline as a gym leader, so spill it.”

“Fine.” He sat on a large rock on the ground that someone had mined around to act as a rudimentary seat. “I broke up with my girlfriend recently. It was pretty serious, a three-year relationship. I proposed to her the other day, and she turned me down. Said she couldn’t make that kind of commitment.”

Dawn sat next to him. “That’s horrible. But what’s it have to do with the gym?”

“She had an insatiable libido. She always wanted to try new things and new places. A lot of those places ended up being in the gym. Just standing at the arena, I can see a lot of places we fucked, and it all hurts so much.”

“Oh…” Dawn really didn’t know what to say.

“Honestly, now that I think about it, it’s mostly the sex that makes it unbearable. The best moments of my sex life were had in that place. The only change of location for us from the bedroom was different parts of the gym. We never went anywhere else, never tried new places.”

“So what, having sex somewhere else would make you get over her?”

“Sex won’t make me get over her, but trying somewhere new would at least make the gym more bearable.”

“Somewhere new…like a mineshaft?”

Roark glanced at the girl. “Are you implying…”

“If it helps me get the gym badge, I’ll let you take me right now.”

Roark looked down for a moment, making the tough decision of whether or not to take Dawn up on her offer. “Alright, then. I guess it’s worth a shot.”

“Okay, good. How do you want me?”

“Bend over this.”

Dawn obliged, standing up and bending over the stone.

Roark walked around to stand behind her. He pulled up her skirt, admiring her cute ass, which had some cum on the cheeks and a fair bit visible on the inside. “You met the Geodudes, I take it.” He grabbed Dawn’s crotch and curled a finger into her vagina. “Oh yeah, this’ll do nicely. They’ve already wet it up real well for me, too.”

“Please,” she shuddered. “Stop teasing me and just put it in.”

“Alright,” he said. He took his hand away and undid his pants, pulling out his dick and, without even giving her warning, drove it deep into her.

“Roark!” Dawn cried out as the force pushed her against the stone. Roark’s hands found their way to their hips as he took hold the reigns and pounded her. Obviously, it had been a while, and that bottled up tension made Dawn moan.

“Oh, yes, Dawn, you’re so wet. Oh, and you’re even tighter than Maylene.” He pumped into her faster, the sound of pounding flesh filling the cavern as they did the deed. He panted heavily as he put his mind toward the single goal of getting off.

Dawn, loving the fact that, for the second time in only a short while, she didn’t have to do anything. Roark did everything, leaving her to just lean on the rock and enjoy. “Oh, yes…fuck me, Roark. Cum deep in me and make me scream!”

Roark was more than willing to do that. He pumped into her harder and faster, his breathing even more labored. He was on the edge, and knew he wouldn’t last.

And Dawn was loving it. Roark was lost in intense passion, and she lay up against cold stone while he hammered away at her. She did nothing, barely knew him, and yet they shared a strange intimacy that couldn’t be put into real words.

What could be put into words, however, was the inevitable. Roark drove into her with so much force she felt squished against the rock. He howled her name as he gave her one final thrust, letting loose a pent-up load. As he shot his cum into her, she hit her orgasm, her inner walls milking his dick for all it was worth.

He shuddered, leaning on the younger girl as they both breathed heavily, his cock still buried in her as it softened. “I think I can go back to the gym,” he sighed.

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