Pokemon Pornography Story: Gardevoir the Slavemon part2

Pokemon Pornography Story: Gardevoir the Slavemon part2

(This part continues from Gardevoirs leaving in last story)

– FAREWELL FOR EVER YOU SCUM!!! Garderoi yelled at Blaziken.

Gardevoir took off from the cave. She noticed that the cave wasnt too far away from her own village, just couple of miles. She climbed down the mountain, walk trhough forest and then ended up to that same valley, where Blaziken had caught her. She walked trhough the rocky valley to the village and when she made it there she thought.

– Save at last!

She saw her village peacefull, all the Gardevoirs Gallades Kirlias and Ralts were walking in the streets. To be just pokemons they were quite human like in behaviour. There was small round cottages, shops for berryes and a tailor (since all weared natural clothes, odd to pokemons or not). She was wandering around the village trying to find her boyfriend. After searching almost every where, Gardevoir heard something coming from behind two of the houses. A laughter of many Gardevoirs who she didnt know from before. She circulated the houses and hided inside srhubbery behind the houses. Now she saw everything, and heard. A small pack of several Gardevoirs, at least 11, who were lying, sitting, or standing around a one single sitting Gallade. Gardevoir regognized the Gallade as her boyfriend. She realised that when Blaziken had said of him seeing other girls was true but she decided to listen to them for a while.

– Soon after the wedding and the wedding night to be percise, I will have her on my side no questions asked. Gallade said.

– And then you can takes us with you master? One of the surrounding Gardevoirs said.

– Yes, I will have a beautifull wife for every hour in the clock. Too bad she wasnt okay with me having more wifes.

Gardevoir remembered how he had asked her if she would mind if he had more than one wife “just for interest” and from one time he had asked her to have sex with him. She started to feel angry yet unbearably sad. Blaziken was right, Gallade didnt care of her, only wanted her.

– If you ask me she is terribly selfish, to have our master all for her self. One Gardevoir said and putted her head on Gallades knee.

– I would have taken one more easy to controll, but i just cant let a Gardevoir with such a high psychic powers and with so unsusually large breasts to get away.

– Oh like u didnt like ours. All the Gardevoirs said in one time.

Now Gardevoir (the one in the bushes) realised it. These girls werent just bad in hearth, just tricked. Gallade had surely slept with them all already and now they were all his wifes, no, slaves. She became more forgiving for the girls and eaven more hatefull against his EX boyfriend. She started to cry. Gardevoir wimpered in the bushes, hearth broken from what she had heard.

– I wish… I wish *sniff* I wish I was with Blaziken.

Gardevoir was shocked from what she had said. Although it felt right, her mind wasnt clowdy anymore, she felt it in her whole body that her place was with the man who had SAVED her from this horriple fate. She consentrated, and teleported.

When she opened her eyes she was at the entrance of that same cave she had lost her virginity. she pulled off the curtain infront of the entrance. She saw Blaziken still sitting in that very same place as when she had left. She walked to the table and sit down.

– Good morning love. Blaziken said.

– Good morning… master. Gardevoir said happily.

Blaziken dryed tears of her cheek and then stood up, lift her and hugged her. Gardevoir hugged back. She senced that Blaziken knew that she had found out the secret that he had tryed to save her from. He putted her down and offered this some food. After they both had eaten theyr breakfast Blaziken said to Gardevoir.

– Now my pet its time for you to do it with out powder.

Gardevoir understood completely and started to take off her clothes till she was all naked. She posed like begging dog and opened her mouth. Blaziken nodded as a sign of aproval. Gardevoir took out her masters cock from its hideout and started  to suck upon it. She began to go deeper with every time sill felt it in the end of her trhoat gaging. She moved her tongue around the bitter tasting rod and tryed to swallow it. When Blazikens cock started to trhobbing she took it out and placed it between her juggs and was able to aim the out coming cum straight to her trhoath.

– Good girl. But enough for now the day is young. Follow me. Blaziken said.

Gardevoir followed her master to a corner next to the bed where there was a large oval boulder. Blaziken lifted the boulder and revealed a cavity behind it. In the room there was a very large vat and a some sort of rig and a small fountain. Blaziken moved to rig and the water from the fountain started to pour to the vat. When vat was almost full Blaziken moved the rig ones more and stopped the water flow to it.

– Now its time for OUR bath. Blaziken said and lifted Gardevoir to it and then came himself.

Gardevoir felt how the water started to warm up from Blazikens precense. He started washing Gardevoir all over and when done, they both relaxed. Gardevoir placed her head on Blazikens knee and was now surtain that this was her home and her master, no, her husband.

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