Pokemon Pornography Story: xxxgg

Pokemon Pornography Story: xxxgg

Rain spattered across the sand, causing a deafening roar, like that of a hundred semis crashing into each other in apocalyptic glory. The crack of thunder split the insanity, and wind swept it up into a cacophony of natural horror. All the while David sat glumly, shielding himself from the gale beneath a rather large tree. He was soaked to the bone and miserable. Lost in Kanto, with no map, no pokedex, no food, and no company other than his beloved pokemon. He was sure he’d die of hypothermia or worse. 

David sighed, clinging tightly to his umbrella which proved of little worth except for some sort of moral booster. His soaked blond hair clung tightly to his body. With an absent hand he fondled the pokeballs on his lap. He clicked the switch on the front, releasing Gardevoir, to stand beside him. 

“Garde..?” she whispered to him soothingly. 
“No, I’m fine Gardevoir. I just wanted some to be with,” he replied, barely audible to the young pokemon above the ripping winds. A shallow tear formed on the rim of his red eyes but was blotted out the rest of the water that coagulated on everything within sight. 

She patted his shoulder. She was so cute, even for a pokemon. Her thin hips swayed, her plant-like hair messed by the storm. No, no, what are you doing, he thought. She’s an animal. 

But yet she was so much like a human, only smaller, and covered in fauna. Plus there was no one around for miles, and no amount of masturbating could satiate the lust he felt out in the wilderness… if only he could feel the flesh of a woman against his. 

He put a loving arm around his Gardevoir, pulling her close and whispered; “Gardevoir, you know that I’m your trainer, right? Your master?” 

“Gard,” she nodded in agreement. He nodded in return. 
“And would you do anything for me?” 
“Garde,” she nodded again. He moved another hand to her, sliding it over her wasp waist and looking carefully into her eyes. She seemed to begin to understand, a look of fear welled in her eyes. David could feel a lump in his pants swell as he began to force her upon the soaked ground. The sky rumbled with thunder all around them, the tree above them creaked threateningly. 

The best thing about a pokemon is that they’ll never be able to tell anyone about it. In a flash his pants were off and he was atop her. She squealed and struggled, afraid to fight back because he was, indeed, her trainer. Her mind had a block in it, via years of training, years of believing he’d never harm her, that he was her best friend. 

He ran a hand over her leafy posterior. A probing finger slipped in between, finding a hole. He knew little of the Gardevoir anatomy, but knew that any hole would work. He plunged his rock hard cock deep inside of her anus. It was white hot. A wave of pleasure washed over him before the first stroke. Gardevoir screamed in pain, her precious anus being pulled to four times its natural size. With each thrust she screamed louder, but David couldn’t hear it. The crevasse formed tightly over his shaft, gripping harder than his fist ever could. Before long he finally came, filling her sphincter with his seed. White mixed with black blood as he pulled out. Blood and feces dribbled out. 

The sight of Gardevoir laying there, whimping, smeared with mud, blood, cum, and her own feces unlocked something deep within David’s soul. His heart soared at the sight. It felt so good! It was like he finally discovered his place in the world. While his spirit had become free, however, his mind quivered under the weight of his actions, struggling to block these memories from existence, enabling his attack. 

His mouth lowered in primal instinct, extending his pink tongue. He lapped up her blood and shit, using pruned fingers to smother himself. It was beautiful. The bitter taste of her poop, and the coppery taste of her blood was like magic to him. 

“Gardevvv…” she moaned, hands digging into the dirt. She wept. How could she do this to him? Pain was splitting her because of him. He said he’d never hurt her, though… maybe he wasn’t? Maybe this was fine… 

He flipped her bleeding, limp body over. His mouth met hers, lashing about inside of her toothed maw. He kissed hard and deep as he carefully fit his shitty dick into her pokevagina. The head slid in easily and she whimpered. With a deft hand he massaged her clitoris. She tried to pull back to cry out but he pushed into her harder. She screamed into his mouth. The vibrations filled him in ecstasy. He violently penetrated her and wave after wave of pleasure engulfed them both. It was beyond the realm of human understanding. Collapsing universes whirled about them, being born and dying in an eternal, idiot firestorm. 

As he came again he thrust harder, forcing as much of himself in as he could. His penis crashed into her cervix and she let out a blood curdling scream, clawed hands digging into his flesh. 

David didn’t like that at all. No, she wasn’t allowed to injure him. He drove his bleaching fist into her mouth. There was a crunch and black syrup welled up in her mouth and eyes. She gurgled, and he smiled gleefully. Disengaged from her mangled secret, he crawled up to her face. Lifting her broken head he plunged his dick into her wounded mouth. 

Gardevoir could take no more. She gave himself over to him. He was her master. She would please him any way she could and never make another whimper in reply. She suckled on his piece as he pulled it in and out. Cracked lips smothered him, teasing glands and glans. He gripped her arms, squeezing tighter. More pain roared through her and she sucked harder. She gagged, puking a little. The bile stung him, so he drove another fist into her eye. 

Through the pain she sucked and finally he came. As he did, his mind cracked a little more. He gripped her head, forcing his cock into the back of her throat. She vomited again, squirting half-digest plant matter all over both of them and he lashed her. Her tiny bones splintered under his blows and he came harder at her destruction. 

Weeks later David finally found himself at Cerulean city. Gardevoir wasn’t looking very good. She didn’t respond to vocal stimuli and couldn’t see out of the eye he caved in, but he felt no remorse for it. Even so; he felt glad. She was mentally broken. His attack had transformed her into the perfect sex slave: when he moved his cock near her she would tilt her head, trying to find it, just as a baby searches for a nipple and automatically begins suckling. 

She was infected, though. Mold grew upon her anus and wounded eye. Her vagina was yellow with infection, discharging constantly. She wouldn’t make it another day. 

David rushed to the pokemon center, Gardevoir in his arms. He came up to the reception desk and there was Nurse Joy. Her eyes first when to David’s dumb smiling face, but then down to the pokemon in his arms and she gasped. 

“What happened?!” she said, stroking Gardevoir’s hair with the gentleness of a mother. 
“I’m not exactly sure,” he muttered coldly, “I found her like this out in the forest,” tears formed in Joy’s eyes and she scooped the poor pokemon up, The poor Gardevoir, with her eyes barely open, looked at her master with blood dripping down her mouth as Joy took her to the rejuvenation chamber for dying pokemon in another room. After flipping the switch the chamber filled with gases, obscuring outside eyes. In the lobby, David sat down waiting for Gardevoir to recover. 
About 1 hour later, David decided to get up and leave his Gardvoir at the care of Nurse Joy when Joy stepped out of the chamber room pushing Gardevoir, who was now strapped up to a oxygen tank on a trench bed. Her eyes were closed and she had formed a black eye where David brutally crushed his fist against it. “Where are you going!” Joy said with a tone of anger. David was about to leave his Gardevoir there forever but now, he decided that he will take Gardevoir into his care again. “Nowhere.” David replied. Joy gave him a cold look. David stepped over to Gardevoirs unconscious body. Joy then said, 

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