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Pokemon Pornography Story: Pokemon: Ash and May’s wedding

Pokemon Pornography Story: Pokemon: Ash and May’s wedding

Ashley Delia Ketchum was just born to Ash Ketchum and May Flower. May was in the room feeding Ashley, when there was a knock on the closed door. Ash got up to see who it was. It was Ash’s mother Delia. They went into the hall so that they wouldn’t disturb May and Ashley. I got your message.” Said Delia

“Thanks for coming mom.” said Ash “But you got here a little late ” said Ash

“I know, I was at the Seafoam Islands at my class reunion, May wasn’t due for another week. I wanted to be here for you.” said Delia.

“That’s ok, Mom. Both Mother and child are OK. Would you like to meet your grandchild?” asked Ash

“Yes, I would.” Said Delia

Ash went inside to see If may was done feeding Ashley. “You can come in mom.” said Ash

Delia came in and saw her granddaughter for the first time. “She is gorgeous like her mother.” said Delia

“Thanks Mom.” Said May. She has taken to calling Delia mom since she and Ash got engaged.

“What is her name?” asked Delia

“Ash told me I could choose her first name If he could choose her middle name. I chose Ashley after her father.” said May

“And I chose Delia after you of course mom.” said Ash

“I am touched that you would honor me like that.” said Delia

“You gave me so much, It was the least I could do.” said Ash

“Would you like to hold your Granddaughter?” asked May

“Yes.” said a teary Delia.

The next Day Max, Misty, Brock, Gary, Tracy and Professor Oak all came to see Ashley. All of them looked at her with wonder. When Ashley went to sleep and went back to the nursery, Brock suggested that the men go outside. When they got outside, Brock handed each of them a cigar, except for Max. “Brock why would I want to smoke a Cigar?” asked Ash

“It’s a tradition. When a baby is born, the father smokes cigar’s with his closes friends.” Said Brock

“It’s really bad for you.” said Ash

“I know, just don’t inhale the smoke, just puff.” said Brock

After they lit up and started puffing, they were talking about what the girls were doing in the hospital. “Your mom and Misty were going to have a baby shower for May, but, I guess it’s a little too late for that.” said Brock

“They can still have a bachorlette party for her when we get married.” said Ash

I’m looking forward to your bachelor party myself.” said Brock “Have you two set a date yet by chance?”

“Yes, in about 6 months were are going to have the wedding.” said Ash “May wants a big wedding out in the open where we can have all our pokemon attend as well. We are having problems finding a large enough place in Palette, so have to look elsewhere, maybe Viridian City, or Bolder City

“I can help you with that Ash.” said Professor Oak “You can have your wedding at my ranch.” said Professor Oak

“We didn’t want to cause you any inconvenience.” said Ash

“It wouldn’t be an inconvenience Ash. Think of it as a wedding present from me.” said Oak

“Then I accept.” said Ash

“Ash Ketchum what the hell are you doing!” yelled May. She had decided that she had enough of the hospital room and wanted to take a walk.

“Ummm Smoking a cigar.” said Ash who looked like a dear caught in the headlights.

“I can see that. I can’t believe this, You were constantly on my ass about smoking, but here you are smoking a cigar, witch by the way is worse than smoking cigarettes.” said May who looking at Ash like she was going to kill him.

“I can explain. You see…” Said Ash, but May interrupted

“How long has this been going on?” said May “I can’t believe that the man that I am going to marry is hiding this from me! What else do you do behind my back?”

“May calm down.” said Ash

“I will not calm down!” yelled May

“I can explain.” said Brock “Ash did not want to confess to you after giving you such a hard time, not only does he smoke Cigars, but pot too. I have tried to get him to stop but you know how stubborn he is.”

“What the fuck are you doing Brock?” asked Ash

“Pot! You smoke pot! I guess the wedding is off! I can not marry a pot head!” Yelled May. Ash was really read faced when may started to smile. “Gotcha!”

“What is going on?” asked Ash

“It is April first.” said Brock

“Shit, I should have known.” said Ash

“We set this up last night on the phone, the only problem was if I could go out.” said May “The doctor said that it was OK to take a walk.”

“Don’t scare me like that ever again.” said Ash

“SO Is this smoking a cigar thing a guy only thing or can a Woman join in?” asked May

“It’s a guy thing May.” said Brock

“Damn. That’s OK; you guys have your fun. I’ve got to get back to my room anyway.” said May

The next day the doctors discharged May and Ashley to go home. Delia came and got them and drove them to the house. They got home where Raichu was waiting for them. Ash knelt down and Riachu gave Ash a big hug. “Hey buddy, have you been behaving yourself?” asked Ash. Riachu nodded its head “Good now there is someone I would like you to meet. Jump up her.” Ash was motioning for Riachu to jump up onto the table. “This is Ashley Riachu, Our daughter.” Riachu looked at Ashley with a look of wonder. “You will have to be very careful around her. No Thundershocks, no attacks to show off, ok.” said Ash and Riachu nodded.

Three months later, Delia told Ash and May offered to baby sit little Ashley so that May and Ash could go out and have a little fun. May and Ash went to the new little place that just opened in Palette. They also went to see a movie. While walking home they saw a nice little house that was for sale. The couple had wanting to move out of Ash’s mom’s house for a while. It wasn’t that they weren’t grateful for all the help that she had given them, but they wanted a place that they could call home. They saw that the house was being sold, by the owners themselves, and there was a car in the driveway. They knocked on the door, and a nice young lady greeted them “Hi my name is Ash and me and my soon to be wife would like to see your house, if it is still for sale.” said ash

“Your Ash Ketchum the pokemaster.” Ash nodded his head “And you must be May Flower, right.” May nodded her head. “Nice to meet you. My name is Kimberly Goodshow. You can call me Kim.” said Kim

“Are you related to the Goodshow who runs the Pokemon Leagues?” asked Ash

“Yes I am. He is my Grandfather.” said Kim

“We are interested in this house, Is there anything wrong.” said Ash

“No there isn’t. I recently got engaged, and my soon to be husband lives in Johto. He owns a fortune 500 company and we decided that we would buy a house out there.” said Kim

“Congratulations.” said May

“Thank you. I know from my grandfather that you two are going to be getting married soon too, and this is the perfect house for a young couple just starting a family. The house has 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, a dining room, a fairly good sized kitchen, and a den as well… Let me show you around.” said Kim After showing them the house, they were very happy with it. The master bathroom, had a 2 person jacuzzi in it. “Now I want you to see the back yard.” said Kim she took them to the sliding door by the kitchen and opened the blinders and opened the door. I have 2 acres of land her, plenty of room for pokemon and kids to run around and play in.”

“This house is amazing.” said May

Ash looked at may and could tell that she had fallen in love with it. “How much are you asking for it?” asked Ash

“There is one lady who made an offer for 100,000 dollars, and I was going to take it, but I haven’t contacted her yet. I would be willing to sell it to you for that amount on one condition.” said Kim

“What is the condition?” asked Ash

“3 on 3 pokemon battle with me. I have never been able to battle a pokemon master and would like the opportunity to do so.” said Kin

Ash looked at may and in that one moment he decided that he would buy the house. “It’s a deal, but I won’t go easy on you, bust because you gave us a good deal on this house.” said Ash

“I wouldn’t want you to.” said Kim

“When would you like to battle?” asked Ash

“Whenever you want.” said Kim

“How about tomorrow. We will bring a Cashier’s Check with us, and I’ll also bring my pokemon with me.” said Ash

“Great. I’ll see you tomorrow.” said Kim

Ash and May hurry home to tell Ash’s mom the good news. “Hey guys I didn’t expect to see you for another few hours.” said Delia

“How’s Ashley?” asked May

“I just put her down for the night.” said Delia

“Let me go check on her, and after that we need to talk.” said May. The then went upstairs to check on Ashley

“SO how was the night?” said Delia.

“We had a good time, I really appreciate you watching Ashley while we were out.” said Ash

“Not a problem, I really like having a baby around.” said Delia, as may came back down stairs “So what do you need to talk to me about?”

“While we were Walking home, we saw a house that was for sale, and May absolutely fell in love with it, and we decided to buy it.” said Ash

“I see, where is it.” said Delia

“About a block away actually. If you want you can come with us tomorrow. I am going to drop the check off to her and battle her as well.” said Ash

“I would be happy to see it. Are you sure that moving out now would be a good idea.” said Delia

“Yes. We want to have a place that we can call our own. It’s not like we are going to be moving to Orre or anything.” said Ash

“”When will you be moving?” asked Delia

“After we get married. We will have to buy furniture and appliances for it.” said Ash

A/N: I am working on a story that is a follow up to The Search For Ashley Ketchum that is set 2 years after the events of that story, called Pokemon: The World Cups. In this story Ash is asked to represent his country in a World Pokemon Master Tournament, and May is Asked to represent the country in a World Ribbion cup contest.

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