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Pokemon Pornography Story: Gardevoir the Slavemon part2

Pokemon Pornography Story: Gardevoir the Slavemon part2

(This part continues from Gardevoirs leaving in last story)

– FAREWELL FOR EVER YOU SCUM!!! Garderoi yelled at Blaziken.

Gardevoir took off from the cave. She noticed that the cave wasnt too far away from her own village, just couple of miles. She climbed down the mountain, walk trhough forest and then ended up to that same valley, where Blaziken had caught her. She walked trhough the rocky valley to the village and when she made it there she thought.

– Save at last!

She saw her village peacefull, all the Gardevoirs Gallades Kirlias and Ralts were walking in the streets. To be just pokemons they were quite human like in behaviour. There was small round cottages, shops for berryes and a tailor (since all weared natural clothes, odd to pokemons or not). She was wandering around the village trying to find her boyfriend. After searching almost every where, Gardevoir heard something coming from behind two of the houses. A laughter of many Gardevoirs who she didnt know from before. She circulated the houses and hided inside srhubbery behind the houses. Now she saw everything, and heard. A small pack of several Gardevoirs, at least 11, who were lying, sitting, or standing around a one single sitting Gallade. Gardevoir regognized the Gallade as her boyfriend. She realised that when Blaziken had said of him seeing other girls was true but she decided to listen to them for a while.

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