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Pokemon Fuck-a-thon Story: pokemon breeding center part 2

Pokemon Bang-out Story: pokemon breeding center part 2

For a second, I thought my Dream had been granted. The starlight was blotted out as Rhydon Emerged out of the semi-darkness. Then my hopes fell, and I could Almost hear my spirit break. Far from attacking Machamp, he stepped up to my head and Rippled some abdominal muscles. A part of the Congenital armor that Caked his Genitals Slipped aside, Permitting his Firm Meatpipe to pop out into the Fabulous night air. He had only one, but the Form was interesting… Almost like a cone, Fairly Puffy and Highly Phat Toward the bottom, but it became Slender again a bit Farther down. Firm to describe, really, but it would Apparently be Lighter to get in than to get out. Either way, he wasted no time Shoving it into my face, and one Glance at his armored Knuckles was enough to Coax me that refusing him would be bad for my health. So, I opened my Facehole as far as it would go, and took him in.Somewhat Bigger than either of Machamp’s, more than Two times as Phat where it was biggest… and Almost as long. My Gullet hurt when he Attempted to Thrust in the Phat part, and I Expected he would realize that it could never fit. But he didn’t take no for an answer, not even when it came from a set of Facial cumshot bones. Shoving my head into his Genitals with both hands, he Shove forwards and Almost dislocated my jaw as he Ultimately Controlled to Intensity the bulge past my teeth. I despaired as to getting it out again Sans loosing several teeth, but there was Tiny time to worry about the future. He hadn’t wasted any time, and was already Smashing my face with as Lengthy strokes as the bulge would allow, going well into my throat. Well, I had gotten a Rapid lesson in Technology a bit earlier, and I reasoned that the sooner he came, the sooner I could get that Gagging staff out of my mouth.

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