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Pokemon Porn Story: MIsty’s Punishment

Pokemon Porn Story: MIsty’s Punishment

The Punishing of Misty
Ash and Misty had just finished there Pokemon training in the woods.

Ash: “YAHOO! I won again!”

Ash was juping for joy. Misty on the other hand was mad as Hell.

Misty: “Oh just shut up Ash!”

Ash didn’t want to. He wanted to rub her face in it.

Ash: “This is what, the 100th time I’ve beat you. Ha ha ha!”

Misty walked over to Ash ready to beat the Hell out of him when Brock arrived.

Brock: “Hi guys.”

Misty pushes her way past Ash and marches past Brock in a pissed off mode and
sits on a rock near by.

Brock goes over and talks to Ash.

Brock: “What’s wrong with her?”

Ash: “Oh, she’s just mad that I beat her at a Pokemon match again.”

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