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Pokemon Porn Story: master of two different fields

Pokemon Porn Story: master of two different fields

Ash Ketchum had been a trainer for 4 years now, and he has just finished defeating the Kanto region’s elite 4. His traveling companions, Brock and Misty, had been by his side since the begining. That night they went out to dinner to celebrate Ash’s magnificant achievement.

“To Ash, may his victory tomorow come as easy as he beat the elite 4”, Brock said.
“Now Brock, I didn’t beat them very easily. It took a long and hard battle for each of the four elites. We should really be toasting the Pokemon,” said Ash.
“Thats right Brock, and may I say Ash, they where great on your behave,” Misty said, Ash noticed that she was looking at him in a funny way.

After the dinner they all went back to their separate rooms, later on when Ash was about to go to bed when his PokeNav rang.
“Hello?”, said Ash sounding 1/2 asleep.
“Ash, its Misty, can you come down to my room please?” Misty asked.
“Misty? I was just about to go to sleep, why do you want me to come to your room?” Ash replied in a confused and sleepy voice.
“Just do it”, Misty said, starting to sound angry.
“Hmm, I wonder what she wants?” Ash asked himself, “And why do I have to go to her room to find out? Eh, theres only 1 way to find out.”

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