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Pokemon Porn Story: Misty and the thunder badge

Pokemon Porn Story: Misty and the thunder badge

Vermilion City – It was in this rather large place that Ash just battled Lt. Surge for his Thunder Badge. During the first round, Ash’s Pikachu had no chance against Surge’s Raichu – However, after a night at the Pokemon Center, Pikachu did just fine. If Pikachu failed the day before, why should the next day be any different? Sure, Pikachu used a few new attacks, and added some speed into the battle, but the little mouse still should’ve easily lost to the bigger one.

How did the match get so one-sided? Well, a certain girl could answer that question.

It was night when Lt. Surge got a knock on his door; timid, almost worried triplets. He answered the door, not expecting company or knowing anyone who knocked that way, and when he opened it, he saw a familiar face before him. There stood the companion of that loud kid who wanted to challenge him, her ponytail taken out so her hair ran down just above her shoulders, her jean shorts worn a little lower than they probably should have, just a hint of red hair breaching the top.

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