Pokemon Pornography Story: May meets dragon III (Part one)

Pokemon Pornography Story: May meets dragon III (Part one)

May Meets Dragon III

(Part I:When Nature Calls)


The air is crisp at her altitude. A chill creeps down her spine as the mist of mountain water sprays icily upon her skin. Her hair falls damp to her back clinging to her neck stiffly swaying as she ascends.

Breathing in deeply she leaps to clutch the next makeshift handhold. She slips and bangs her knees into the sharp surface stubbing her toes causing instant tears to blind her. Fighting the scrapes and pains whimpering she gazes upwards to her ultimate goal. The cave was close to her now. Shelter only feet away barely away from her grasp.

Rejuvenated she rose her foot up to the next swamped foothole immeadiately she knew something was wrong. The crevice sank quickly the small piece of mountain rock giving way causing her to whip her heel into the neighboring waterfall. Such force viciously gripped her threatening to send her barreling off the mountain side. With a scream and all the power she could muster she wrenched herself back to the deadly climb. Gasping at the humid air she felt as though she were drowning already in the path of the storm which had decided it would sleep no longer. A gut wrenching clap of thunder rattled the little hero. An unknown presence beckoned her to look down to witness bolt of lightening descended upon a tree that was resting upon the base of the mountain. Fire immediately began to desolate the old oak quickly burning the dried branches. Looking down in horror the rain was building up. The light rain drizzled faster; stabbing at her with needle like size and velocity. Passion blazed inside of her she would not fall victim to this storm that pokemon or this mountain! She sped up ascending so quickly the feet fell by less than minutes until…

It was neither warm in the cave nor cold. An odd blend of both that both heated the air and cooled the body. She was no longer shivering but she could hear someone else was. She whispered a hello to the shadows and the response was tears. The wet sobbing of a young child. Looking deeper into the cavern there was an angelic light surrounding a small figure. Such cherubic features and yet that could not be. A very young dragonite?? It made no sense dragonite come from dragonairs who come from dratini its evolutionary process made this wrong…Still she hurt for the small thing it whimpered for its family. She asked where they were and it wept louder. An echo rebounded in the cave. Not weeping as she had expected but a growl follow by a hideous cackle. Whirling around she saw another spector in the shadows a gengar proud and teeth bared. From the forward fangs dripped blood and the laugher centered from deep within its chest. Sauntering forward the laughter became hysteric it wanted the child with some strange maniac look it bore it wanted it dead! WHY? Anger grew fast burning her from inside like a bomb had just exploded around her heart. She yelled as loud as she could but it was a roar that shook the room…


May woke with a gasp coughing and desperately trying to catch her breath. She tensed as a cold sweat bead traveled down her leg. Quivering in her sleeping bag the chill morning haze swept over her. Wild pokemon could be heard in the forest waking up. The tall bushes and grass waved and shook as they moved about. Tree’s branches whistled in the wind rustling as the birds of Hoenn took flight. With the sun creeping up in the horizon the sky was a brilliant shade of magnificent hues. It was one of mays favorite time of days.

But in the end she knew her morning routine would quickly shatter the beauty. Unzipping the now damp lil cozy home the familiar take of nausea wove in her belly. Rising up now stretching as quickly as she could before hurtling off to the bushes to release what was left of last nights dinner from her stomach. Continuing to gag she let her body take control it was so normal to her by now. But what was normal was the weight she’d gained. Ugh I feel like a cow. She spat internally and externally attempting to rid herself of that bitter acid taste.


The morning continued casually. May ignited a fire as she’d done recently so proud to have learned such a useful technique. Noticing that she was alone she assumed that the boys had gone fishing. The idea of a nice catch followed by one of brocks amazing stews was to good to ignore. So she got ahead of the game and picked up herself to start boiling some water. Grabbing her favorite kettle from their bags she trudged down to the river they’d camped by. Dipping her pot into the clear bank her hand dove in with it the icy bed sending sparks through her. Oh my god! Her body had suddenly felt as if it were burning from the inside out. These flashes of heat came sudden and strong it seemed common enough but the temptation to bath was to much. She gazed around to see if the boys were anywhere in sight. Seeming satisfied she quickly threw off her clothes and dove into the river bank. The water closed around her caressing her and cleaning her limbs. May blushed it was almost ecstasy within the pool. So long it felt she’d been away from her romulus but yet only two months had slid by the dragonite had held her in his arms. She could recall the honey sea smell of him. The feeling of his soft scales holding her tight to his massive belly. His wise and gentle blue eyes staring deep into her very soul. The heartbrake was unbearable she could still feel the ghost of him deep inside her womb his long midnight member releasing sweet dragon seed into her. If only he were here…I miss him so much…ill see him again someday…my love…I swear I will… Feeling the tears build at the last words she’d spoken to him woke within her she decided it was high time to get up and get moving and stop feeling sorry for herself as her mother always used to tell her.

As may was drying herself she noticed she could still see her reflection in the water. It had been quite awhile so she assumed she might as well take notice of the damage the road has done to her features. But the face that stared back couldn’t belong to her…She was stunning a picture perfect Adonian child. Angelic to the bone. Skin so soft as a velvet maiden. Breasts so large she’d need two hands to even grasp one. Her belly had a pooch though at her pelvis. Rock solid and about a handlength tall poking out by a good four or five inches. It was so strange she thought. Sure she’d been eating but why is it so hard? She quickly assessed her unshaven woman parts. It had been awhile since she’d had some alone time to shave em. But eh the slight hair grazed neatly pressed it was the mark of a experienced hardworking woman she mused. And damn my ass! Her hips had definitely widened as she turned around to get a better view. It had grown…definitely grown…placing a hand on each cheek she grabbed finding a small handful worth of perfect orb but just enough firm to remain a kind of buoyant shape. In hindsight she was thrilled with her appearance. An hourglass woman would be amazing to gaze upon at any contest! She would be the fantasy of all men be the center of jealousy of all women the desire of everyone to be like her! The ravings of the fans echoing her name a dream that was once so far fetched was suddenly before her eyes. The vanity struck no chord of humbleness but humanity had its draw backs. Mother nature in other words could not be ignored. A very sudden watery I gotta go moment hit May like a fast ball. Accessing what was around her it was clear no one was anywhere near her. Eh what the hell shes all alone just walk on into the forest she doesn’t even need to put on her clothes for that.

Stepping like the devil was at her heels and crossing her knees. she lept like a pee dancing gazel into the nearby forest line. Squating quickly she burst rapidly onto the grass. Relief blazed through her loins causing may to sigh and a small shiver to creep up. Her senses acute in someway she notice something odd had occurred. While peeing she listened but couldn’t hear the wet smack it usually made on the soil. Looking down she noticed she was peeing straight into a snake hole. Realeasing a golden shower directing into a seviphers open jaws. The serpentine pokemon chugged her urine like it was the breath of life the shock making may shift a little bit the snake looked up to see what the problem was that was causing his little wet snack to waver.

Seeing the source he immeadiately sensed fear and before may could retreat he striked at may latching himself to between her legs. Softly but powerfully gripping her with his maw as she fell to her back. When she tried to move she felt his sharp teeth bare into her stuck now in his grasp. May felt the pokemon sucking hard draining her pussy of her piss. The vacuum of his maw sent fire into her legs. He started licking it up and down savoring the flavor of the humans rosey lips licking every pube she’d once been proud off clean. She could feel his hot breath steaming her vagina like a dense humid fog pushing down and inside of her. The odd wetness hit her brain with an electric desire to use the restroom again. As if she were by a waterfall or rapids and the noise had triggered her. She felt herself build up until she couldn’t bare it anymore and blast a hot golden stream down the creatures long throat. Tantric purrs erupting deep inside the snake. The piss slithered down him into the belly sweetly grazing his long tongue as it flowed. A heat built up within him the smell of the human sent lust instinctively through him.

May could feel the beast shiver beneath her its toungue curiously poking at her as the stream slowed to a stop. The forked essence moved up and along her finding a warm hole tasting even sweeter than the piss ever did. May could sense what was coming and braced herself for the worse while trying to relax. But for her it always seems to late. The snake bulleted his toungue deep inside of her riding along her gspot she screamed half in shock half in lust. He barrel rolled tasting and flavoring each individual juice of her insides. May began to rock up and down her bodies instincts taking over. The snaked plummeted further in and tasted the entrance to her womb Causing may to scream again and freeze. She exploded cumming so suddenly sevipher found himself choking as vaginal juices waterfalled down his throat. Retracting his toungue he gulped and lapped the outside of mays womanhood. Full now of her fluids the snake released her satisfied in a strange way and retreated back into the ground. May collapsed exhausted. She didn’t even try to stand her legs felt like they were made of jello. Her arms made of something as heavy as lead. Sleep overcame her gazing up to the sky the sun now had entered the middle of the great blue. Slipping to darkness…

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