Pokemon Pornography Story: Gardevoir the Slavemon

Pokemon Pornography Story: Gardevoir the Slavemon

Somewhere near Hoen, theres a colony of Ralts Kirlias Gardevoirs and Gallades and they live on a mountain surrounded forest. The reason they live here is becose its peacefull and the mountains give alot of dawnstones so that male Kirlias dont have to evolve to a Gardevois but they can with out worrying turn to Gallades. Not only this but there isnt eaven people here to catch them.

On a peacefull day, only 4 months ago evolved beatiful (and big breasted) Gardevoir was taking a walk in a small forest canyon. She was happy and full of life since her boy friend had just asked her to marry him they were about to get engaged tomorrow. Her idea was to go to a small pond that was in middle of the forest to play with small water pokemons (whos good friend she was) and enjoy its beauty. On her way she saw most beautifull flower she had ever seen in her life. When she tryed to pick it a bell rang. She quickly noticed a string on the flowers stalk and she realised it was a trap. A net springed from the ground and trapped her hanging from the bag. She yelped for help (since she didnt know how to use teleport anymore) but then heard foot steps from behind her. In front of her she saw a 2 meters tall Blaziken looking at her with a meanlooking grin.
– Plz mr. can u help me from this net i beg of u? Gardevoir asked from the fire pokemon with puppy eyes.
– A trapped Gardevoir asking help to get out, from the person who trapped her in the 1st place. Amuzing. Blaziken said and took a grip of the net and reached to her boobs and squeesed them making her moan a lil.
– Let go off me! and what do u mean? Gardevoir said now lil anxious.
– Everyone knows if a Gardevoir gets captured by someone she becomes this persons loyal servant. Blaziken said.
Gardevoir knew Blaziken wasnt lying it truly was her ppls way. If a Gardevoir or a Gallade is catched they must be forever loyal to that who bested them, but…
– Thats only for human trainers. Not other pokemon. Gardevoir justyfied herself.
– True but I was hoping to do this the easy way. See I also know the OTHER way to make Gardevoir forever loyal.
– Marrige? Gardevoir asked since that was the only other she knew.
– I see ur quite young, no worryes im not the oldest eather, but you got the wrong way of looking. See its not the marrige its the 1st night of honeymoon, in other words the person who takes Gardevoirs VIRGINITY away becomes her master. You ever wondered why saving your self to the marriges is so important to your females? Blaziken told her.

She was shocked, she never knew her species were so primitive, she always thought they were more than mere animals who go for instinct.
– Well i still wont let you take me, pshychic defeats fighting type.
She said and started to gather her powers, but before she was able to do a thing Blaziken had reached inside of the net and gave her a anesthesia extract to her neck and she fainted. Blaziken took her out of the net and carryed on his arms when he jumped on canyons wall with one kick and then started to head to the distance.
Half an hour later:
Gardevoir woke up slowly, she was sleeping on something confy and soft. When she rised to sit down she noticed it was a human made mattress. She looked around, it was dark lil Cave with a small round hole in the wall as a window. There also was a closet, few straw bascets filled with berryes and chopped and cut down logs to make a table and few chairs. The entrance was blocked with a blue curtain. She was about to make a run for it when Blaziken came in. This was the 1st time she saw the true size difference between them since this time she wasnt in a net. Blaziken was towering to take on notice he was over a foot taller then she was.
– I see ur awake, how was the dream? Blaziken asked.
– You cant do this to me, I have my own bf back in my village. Gardevoir said.
– I do not care about him, I only care about you. Blaziken said.
– What do you mean you care about me? Gardevoir asked.
– You think I just set that trap for any Gardevoir that would come in? No i made it just for u. I have planned weeks of your capture. I left my own breeding grounds since i wasnt able to find my self a proper girl who i could tame to be a real slave.
-All the female blazikens are just so unfeminit. I wanted a girl friend who I TRULY would want to have. And the truth is I have also liked Gardevoirs. I came to these woods and checked out from your tribe a good one. 1st i checked for appearance and you were already top ten and then was personality. Such a sweet and innocent girl needed a real man for her life. Blaziken told.
– I had one and i loved him. Gardevoir said weeping.
– That bf of yours wasn’t any good for you. I also checked on him and I saw him hanging around with other females.
Gardevoir was shocked, her world was turning around and she started to cry.
– Good luck getting out.
– I wont go to same trick again! Gardevoir said.
Blaziken used a small range quick attack to get behind her back and got her to a good hold. He took a leave with some powder in it and fed it to her. She coffed and then he let her go. Gardevoir tryed a psybeam but wasn’t able.
– Why cant i use my moves? Gardevoir said quickly.
– The powder i gave you has two effects, one it disables u from using moves and second, it makes any female horny. Blaziken told.
– I may not be able to use moves but I wont let my body to fail now. Gardevoir said.
Then, in a moment she felt something. Her pussy started to slowly feel hot. Her nipples rised to point out under her shirt and then her blader gave up. Her dress got wet and she started to brake a sweat. Water came to her mouth and when she felt the heat rising. She fell on her knease and then reluctancedly put her hand to her pussy and started to play with it and moan like animal in heat.
– What was that again i didnt quite hear u in the 1st time? Blaziken asked.
Gardevoir pulled her shirt down and revealed her G cup boobs. She put one to her mouth and started to chew and suck on it. While on her knees she layed back wards tried to do her best to satysfie her pussy. When this wasnt working, she rose up quick and started haning from Blazikens shoulders and with her big red eyes in tears and every shred of dignity off her she yelled.
– FUCK ME!!!!!!
– Fuck me…? Blaziken started.
– Master! Gardevoir finished
Blaziken took her from the head and pressed her down and then took his hard, 10 inch cock from his feathers. He placed it in front of Gardevoir who looked at it desiringly.
– Suck it, bitch. Blaziken comanded.
Gardevoir did as told. She engulfed it in her mouth. Its taste was bitter and it was very warm. She licked it hungrily and then swallowed it whole. Gardevoir had seen before what sizes the Gallades usually had and this was much bigger than that. She putted the cock deep in her mouth and trusted it inside her troath that was barely wide enough to handel the big rod. Blaziken felt how she engulfed it in to her body and sucked it like she handnt had anything else to eat for weeks. Gardevoir now lifted her big jugs up and started to tit fuck his masters cock. Blaziken pulled out and cummed all over her body while Gardevoir was posing like waiting for a hug. She looked at Blaziken like a god with tired eyes and said.
– Me do good?
– Yes you did. Now then my darling.
– Time to start teaching u some tricks. 1st say ur name and ur masters.
– My name is Gardevoir and my master is mr. Blaziken and ill be forever loyal to him.
– Good, now then lick ur self clean.
Gardevoir did what told. Since some of the cum was in places she couldnt get to with the clothes she undressed and then started to lick her self. After she was done she came to blaziken on her all fours.
– Me all clean. Gardevoir said with adoring impression on her face.
– Nice, now we can make surtain you stay that way.
Blaziken now took Gardevoir from the thighs and lifted. He places her so that her head was on same level as his was and shoved his penis deep in to her pussy. Gardevoir grapped Blaziken like a koala. She yelped and pressed her head against his shoulder when Blazikens cock penetrated painfully her wet pussy lips and broke her cherry. She now felt great pleasure and she looked to Blaziken who looked her smiling nicely. Gardevoir kissed Blaziken with tongue and this responded with same action while still fvcking her hard and deep. After the kiss Blaziken poked his peak to Gardevoirs left breast and started to suck on it. Gardevoir moaned since Blazikens tongue was rough skinned. Blaziken now bit hard with his peak and was able to make Gardevoir lactate from the force. Gardevoir felt better than she had everbefore from the pleasure. Gardevoir started to feel her limits so she yelled.
– Me too my love.
Blaziken said and erupted inside her womb. Gardevoir had just lost her virginity, all her dignity and eaven accepted Blaziken as her master eaven though she didnt eaven realise it, but she passed out. Blaziken carryed her to the matress and lied down on it and let her lie on him on her stomack side. Gardevoir slept like she had many years ago as a Ralts on her mothers chest.
On the morning she woke up, finding her self sleeping on the man who captured and raped her, all naked. She slapped this to cheek and woke him up.
– Now why so fisty darling. Blaziken said eaven though he knew the reason.
– YOU!!! *cry* How could you *cry*. Gardevoir weeped.
– With my penis.
Gardevoir stood up quickly, dressed and said.
– FAREWELL FOR EVER YOU SCUM!!! And left runing.
After a half an hour, Blaziken had prepared breakfest for two when he heard a teleportation sound. It was Gardevoir who seemed to have learned that ability again. Gardevoir walked to the log table, sitted and then looked to Blaziken with a flush on her cheeks and tears in her eyes.
– Good morning love. Blaziken said.
– Good morning… master…

To be continued. (if i get alot of comment)

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