Pokemon Fuck-a-thon Story: pokemon breeding center part 2

Pokemon Bang-out Story: pokemon breeding center part 2

For a second, I thought my Dream had been granted. The starlight was blotted out as Rhydon Emerged out of the semi-darkness. Then my hopes fell, and I could Almost hear my spirit break. Far from attacking Machamp, he stepped up to my head and Rippled some abdominal muscles. A part of the Congenital armor that Caked his Genitals Slipped aside, Permitting his Firm Meatpipe to pop out into the Fabulous night air. He had only one, but the Form was interesting… Almost like a cone, Fairly Puffy and Highly Phat Toward the bottom, but it became Slender again a bit Farther down. Firm to describe, really, but it would Apparently be Lighter to get in than to get out. Either way, he wasted no time Shoving it into my face, and one Glance at his armored Knuckles was enough to Coax me that refusing him would be bad for my health. So, I opened my Facehole as far as it would go, and took him in.Somewhat Bigger than either of Machamp’s, more than Two times as Phat where it was biggest… and Almost as long. My Gullet hurt when he Attempted to Thrust in the Phat part, and I Expected he would realize that it could never fit. But he didn’t take no for an answer, not even when it came from a set of Facial cumshot bones. Shoving my head into his Genitals with both hands, he Shove forwards and Almost dislocated my jaw as he Ultimately Controlled to Intensity the bulge past my teeth. I despaired as to getting it out again Sans loosing several teeth, but there was Tiny time to worry about the future. He hadn’t wasted any time, and was already Smashing my face with as Lengthy strokes as the bulge would allow, going well into my throat. Well, I had gotten a Rapid lesson in Technology a bit earlier, and I reasoned that the sooner he came, the sooner I could get that Gagging staff out of my mouth.

As I Commenced actively Deep throating Rhydon’s staff, Machamp’s lower Meatpipe Expelled its Seed into my womb. With my Fragile ears, I Perceived I could Almost hear the sound of his Spills Beating the walls of my cunt. He didn’t even slow down, though, since his upper Meatpipe hadn’t Jizz yet. Most likely because I had Throated that one off only minutes earlier. It would take time before that one could Deep-throat again, and it was clear that he had no intention of stopping until that happened. Tears Commenced flowing down my cheeks as I realized that my Torture would Most likely last all night. It Hastily became obvious, though, that Machamp was getting impatient. Till then, he had Ravaged me with long, Firm strokes, and I had more or less gotten used to it by then. But suddenly, he speeded up, and Commenced to Thrust both his Hard-ons deeper and harder. Holding me by the base of my tail, he was pulling me into his thrust, Assuring that every stroke went as deep as possible. His thick, gray Flesh Barely made a sound as it collided with my Fur covered haunches, but the Intensity of the Pushes was punishing. My tears kept flowing as I sobbed around Rhydon’s cock.

While Machamp put his Whole Bod into the fuck, Rhydon slowed down his Pushes into my throat. I Immediately realized that he was about to pull out, and Tense my Gullet to the Extraordinary to make it possible. He pulled out, but grunted in Anguish as my canines dragged along the bulge in his cock. It gave me some Gratification to know that I had returned a fraction of the Anguish he had caused me. After getting it all the way out, he Shoved it at my face and grunted “Rrrrhydon!” Knowing Nicer than to argue, I Served and Commenced Gobbling his Meatpipe with my tongue. Compared to having it Coerced into my throat, it was Almost pleasant, but it Coerced me to taste it. Toward the tip, I tasted something bitter, and figured that his plundering Meatpipe had Most likely picked up some of the Fountain that Machamp had deposited in my Gullet Shortly before Rhydon arrived. I found the taste unpleasant, but knew that I would Most likely be Degustating much more of it before long.

Finally sated, Machamp cried out “Machaaaaamp!!”, and Shoved himself as far into me as he could get while his upper Meatpipe Unleashed the 2nd Fountain of the night…. It Perceived Sizzling and Greasy as it made its way up my intestines, a Unusual feeling, but actually Fairly soothing after the Flamy Anguish of the Ass-fuck rape. Watching that his Pal was done, Rhydon left my face and circled around me. I Perceived all Expect leave me as I realized that they were gonna take turns Pummeling my already Aching Cooch and Backside until they got Fatigued of it – which could take a Lengthy time. My last hope, that Machamp had Ultimately gotten enough and would go back to sleep, was shattered as he walked over to my face and stuck his twin Hard-ons into my face. When the upper Meatpipe was Shoved Toward my mouth, I shied back from the stench. Having just Showed up from my ass, the Sausage had a lot of Man chowder Draping from it, but Crimson and Dark-skinned stains could be seen Fairly clearly. I could not believe that he Truly Expected me to do that.

A Ample Arm around my neck Coaxed me, and I Grudgingly opened my Facehole to take him in. His Arm stopped me, and I Eyed that he had intended for me the ultimate humiliation: I would have to Slurp the residue of my brutalized Backside off his Meatpipe with my tongue, Degustating every inch, and he would be able to Watch it. But I had no choice… I knew that even if I continued to struggle, they would not kill me, merely Hammer me to a bloody pulp and rape my Vulnerable body. As it was, they merely Fucked by force my Vulnerable body, Sans the bloody pulp bit. So, I stuck out my tongue and Slurped some of his Man chowder off, disgusted with the bitter taste. Combined with the metallic taste of blood, and, well, shit, the totality of it Almost made me Toss up. Just as I had taken my 2nd lick, I heard a Unusual sound behind me and Revved my head. What I Eyed made my heart stop for a second. Rhydon’s cone-shaped Meatpipe was Rolling rapidly, just like I had seen his horn do earlier. And when I Eyed him Hoist my tail and Purpose that murderous weapon high, I thought I would die from the shock. My A-hole was Aching and bleeding from Machamp’s Brutish deflowering, there was no way I could Sustain that. Then a Deep-throat to the head made me Watch Starlets as Machamp Penalized me for the insolence I had shown in turning my head away from his cocks.

In a way, that was fortunate… the Deep-throat Almost knocked me out, and so the Anguish of Rhydon’s initial Intrusion didn’t Fairly register in my brain. But when I regained the use of my Feels a moment later, all they told me of was pain. Where my Ass-fuck ring had Perceived like flowing fire during Machamp’s attack, it now Perceived like Sizzling lava. Tho my Slaver had Caked it throughoutly, it none the less Faced much resistance due to its girth. It Hastily became Demonstrable that the Rolling Activity Relaxed Rhydon’s entry into me, preventing my Ass-fuck musculature from Pinching down on him, but it also put me in a world of pain. My Bod was Demolished by agony, and I Tossed myself around in the hopes of escaping from that Horrible impalement. But Rhydon Restricted my haunches in a Take hold of as Rough as stone, nullifying all my exertions. But Machamp Shortly got Fatigued of my inactivity and took hold of my head with 2 of his hands. Blindfolded by pain, I Barely noticed until he Coerced his stained Meatpipe into my mouth. Then, Rhydon’s Meatpipe reached the widest point, and I Almost Swooned as it was Coerced into my Tense hole. But after that point, his Meatpipe grew thinner again, Permitting the Fuck-hole to close on it, easing my pain. Regaining a sort of coherence, I Perceived Machamp’s 3rd Arm tighten around my throat, and realized that I had been Overlooking my duties to his cock.

I Commenced moving my head up and down on it, actively Deep throating and Gobbling at it. Having Perceived ultimate pain, the bad taste seemed like an unimportant detail, and his Meatpipe was Shortly cleaned off and Running in rivulets with saliva. Sated with my work, he pulled it out and instead fed me his other cock, the one that had been in my pussy. While I had been doing this, Rhydon had established a Sustained Pace of fucking, causing me only Fragile pain. His Massive bulk made it Unlikely to Tear up as Hasty as Machamp, but he also had more weight to put behind his thrusts, and he Totally used
this. His Meatpipe Slipped out slowly, until the bulge pulled out on my Ass-fuck ring, and then sawed forwards until his armor plating bit into my pussy. Machamp had already visited the parts he traversed, but he Expanded my Bullshit chute a lot…

I only noticed this with half my mind, though. I was mainly Worried with performing on Machamp’s remaining Meatpipe to his satisfaction. Rhydon could take his Elation from my Backside Sans any Busy interacting from me, but it took some Knowledge to Deep-throat a Meatpipe properly. The fact that it had picked up a Tastey taste from my Cooch helped some, but since I lacked the Practice and Instructing to do a skillful job, I had to compensate with enthusiasm. I Ravaged it with my mouth, Permitting the Dick head to Rub the entrance to my Gullet on every downstroke. To add some variety, I then pulled off it completely, and Slurped at his ballsacks for a bit. He had 2 sets, both Draping under the lower cock, one under the other. They tasted salty, Most likely from sweat, but some of the Tastey tang of my Cooch also clung to them. I then Slurped my way up his cock, and ran my tongue around the Fragile ridge under the head. That did it for him, and his fourth Arm Abruptly shot down and Grabbed his cock, aiming it at my mouth. The thought of avoiding the Man chowder didn’t even occur to me as I opened my Facehole wide, and submissively accepted Seed after Seed into my mouth. A lot of it Hammer my face, mattering my Wool and making it stick unpleasantly to my face. I Drank several mouthfuls of it, letting it Slip down my Gullet with no Tho for Salivating it out. I still found the taste Barely unpleasant, but I Liked the texture as it Packed my throat.

to be continue…

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